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Beach: As Catedrais


As Catedrais (The Cathedrals), designated a Natural Monument, is one of the most famous beaches in Galicia. It is known around the world for its rocky formations carved by the wind and sea, creating curious shapes that visitors' imaginations get to interpret. When the tide is out you can kick off your shoes and walk under huge caves and discover arches within other arches. If the tide is high, you can visit the beach from the top of the cliff, keeping the safety distance. Booking is required in July, August and September. It is also necessary in Easter Week (between March and April). Entry is free. More information on the booking website.

Beach: As Catedrais

Покрытие: sand

Тип песка: white

Условия купания: moderate waves

Длина: 880 m

Ширина: 50 m

Степень заполненности: high

Близость к населенному пункту: isolated

Спортивный порт: puerto deportivo de ribadeo

Расстояние до пляжа: 8 km.

Как добраться: On foot easy

Ближайшее шоссе: ctra. de la costa

Toilets, showers, footwash, tourist office, litter bin, cleaning service, telephone

Максимальная температура: 14º Температурное ощущение: прохладно Ветер: слабый Волны: сильное Температура воды: 13º