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Parque natural

Barranco Quintero, El Río, la Madera y Dorador Nature Reserve

La Palma

A set of impressive ravines.

Integrated in the Park of the Nieves, these ravines are due to erosion.

To the east of the island you find this enclave of great nature and ecological interest formed by as set of deep ravines whose altitudes oscillate between 500 and 2, 247 meters. Of interest in this landscape is the Canary Island pine with heather undergrowth and abundant laurel forest.You can also find Canary Island cedars.

Barranco Quintero, El Río, la Madera y Dorador Nature Reserve

Santa Cruz de la Palma, La Palma  (Canary Islands)

スペースのタイプ:自然公園 面積:5.09 ヘクタール Eメール TEL::+34 922415417 Webサイト:Barranco Quintero Webサイト: El Río Webサイト: la Madera y Dorador Nature Reserve

ラ・パルマ島 (カナリア諸島):

Santa Cruz de la Palma. Puntallana.

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    Is an area with a complex orography provoked by the effects of erosion. Here you find numerous ravines and steppes populated with pines and Canary Island willows and laurel forests.Fauna of interest includes pletocus teneriffae, laurel forest pigeons, the Balearic shearwater, sparrow hawk and eagle.