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Santiago (é) Tapas

Festival - Gastronomy
A Coruña

The World Heritage City of Santiago de Compostela , in Galicia, is holding its tapas competition, with over 40 establishments taking part, and where the winners are chosen by the consumers themselves.

Santiago(é)Tapas is the perfect opportunity to discover the gastronomy of Santiago de Compostela through its tapas. It involves numerous bars, restaurants and taverns who all invent new and original creations, which are then judged by the customers. Visitors are given the Tapasportes guide, which divides the city into several routes and lists all the participating establishments. When the consumer has tasted each tapa, the guide is stamped on the premises. What’s more, everyone who completes the whole route is also eligible to win a prize.  

Santiago (é) Tapas

Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña  (Galicia)

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