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Frédéric Chopin Piano Festival

Festival - Music,Classical

This piano festival has a long tradition running back to 1930. It consists of a series of concerts held in the cloister of Valldemossa Monastery.

Its main focus is on works by Chopin, played by both renowned pianists as well as up-and-coming young talent. Apart from the piano recitals, the festival has other activities such as artistic installations and exhibitions of avant-garde plastic arts, performances, etc. These extras have been introduced to modernise and update the romantic message of Chopin and his partner, the writer George Sand.

Frédéric Chopin Piano Festival


Plaza de la Cartuja, s/n.

07170  Valldemossa, Valldemosa, マヨルカ  (バレアレス諸島)

* 日程は確定していません。