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Spaghetti western cinema trekking tour family

Route that runs through the Tabernas desert, Europe's only desert and place chosen by the great directors of Hollywood for the filming of his movies. Ideal for families, sleep in a town in the west, the scene of hundreds of films, we will feel like Indiana Jones or Clint Eastwood.Stage 1: 12 kms (slope 250 m)Exit towards Tabernas to see the town that gives its name to the desert and observe the view from the castle that is presented to us and see the extent of the desert. Visit some locations as Indiana Jones movie, The westerns of Sergio Leone and end up in the West Village to enjoy two shows offered by these movie stars.Stage 2: 15 kms (difference 100m)will continue to enjoy the endless film locations, Indiana Jones, Death had a price, Lawrence of Arabia, Once Upon a Time, The condor, etc .... We will also learn the nature gives this place, being classified by experts as an outdoor museum. Back to our accommodation.DISTANCE 27 KMSDIFFICULTY EASYDESNIVEL 300 + Ramblas, Tennis and a small stretch of roadDURATION 4 Hours - about 5 hoursPRICE PER PERSON Single € 230 2/3 People € 155 / P 4/9 People € 120 / P More than 10 people: see price All routes include expert guides, liability insurance, accident, baggage transport, accommodation and breakfast and dinner.It does not include food during the journey of each stage

Prezzo 120.0€ a persona (tasse comprese)
Attività disponibili nelle seguenti lingue Spanish, English
Luogo Tabernas (Almería)
Durata 2 giorni
Categoria dell'attività Cultura spagnola e tradizioni, Natura, Trekking, Attività in famiglia
Per chi? Adults without children, Families, Young people, LGBT, Senior
Impresa organizzatrice RUTAS POR ALMERIA
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