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Gluten-free food for people with coeliac disease

Enjoy Spanish cuisine, gluten-free!


Did you know that you can travel in Spain and eat gluten-free? Enjoying local cuisine is an essential part of the travel experience. And lately, more and more restaurants specialise in creating delicious traditional dishes, all gluten-free. Now people with coeliac disease also have all the same options to enjoy local cuisine in good health!

It is no longer a miracle to find a restaurant with a menu designed specifically for people with coeliac disease. Madrid, Barcelona and Asturias are the regions in Spain with the most restaurants catering to this group of people.For example, there are many establishments in Madrid preparing gluten-free food, from traditional tapas bars to the most innovative restaurants, and even the oldest restaurant in Spain.In Barcelona there are many different places offering coeliac-friendly brunch. This is a great option for sightseeing, as you can give yourself a mid-morning energy boost and continue exploring the city.

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Asturias is another region catering for the well-being of this group of people. This is where you can find Spain’s first ever gluten-free destination, Cangas del Narcea, which also celebrates National Coeliac Day every year on the 27th of May.The Gluten-Free Extremadura project is intended to raise public awareness about this condition, while also promoting establishments which provide gluten-free meals. Cáceres, for example, has the seal of approval of the Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations (FACE).Eating gluten-free in Spain is becoming easier all the time. But it’s still advisable to plan ahead so you can choose the best place to eat.  Why not give it a try?      

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