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The Way of Saint James: an eco-friendly tour of Spain


If caring for the planet is as important to you as travelling, come and discover the Way of Saint James, the most environmentally friendly way to explore Spain. Whether you're walking or cycling, you will find 600 kilometres of pure natural beauty. The choice is yours. 

Declared a World Heritage Site and a European Cultural Route by the European Council, the Way of Saint James attracts hikers from all over the world. It's a breathtaking route that will give you an opportunity to reflect. You will walk on the responsible side of life. And you will savour each moment like never before.It is no coincidence that thousands and thousands of hikers decide to follow these trails every year. Traversing the Spanish peninsula. Connecting and disconnecting at the same time.They say that there are as many routes as there are pilgrims: from the classic French Way, the green Northern Way, the magical Silver Way and the never-ending English Way, to the oldest of all, the awe-inspiring Primitive Way. And all of the 50 different routes interweave to arrive at the same destination: the majestic Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, a stunning example of Romanesque art.  

Hiker gazing into the horizon

Be prepared to pass through mountains, impressive vineyards, untouched landscapes, medieval bridges, castles and churches straight out of a storybook, and travel back in time as you explore mysterious medieval towns.You can also recharge your batteries by staying at some unique and sustainable hostels. You will be guided by unique signs in the shape of a “scallop shell”. And you will be enveloped by hundreds of travellers’ stories. Now you can create your own.An unforgettable trip that will take you by Cape Finisterre, also known as the “end of the world”. The sunset here is spectacular. You will see shades of red, orange and yellow spreading across the sky, sea and land.Get ready to take some beautiful memories home with you and to leave behind nothing but incredible stories.    

A cyclist on the Way of Saint James
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