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Surfer at sunset in Lanzarote

Come to Spain and practice eco-friendly surfing


40 years ago, at one of the world’s most popular surfing destinations, a philosophy was born which is today known as eco-friendly surfing. It is based on the use of pollutant-free surfboards and products, and there are now many companies making these products in Spain. How about giving eco-friendly surfing a try in Spain?

Although eco-friendly surfing first emerged in Florida and California (USA), Spain quickly jumped on board with the initiative as well. Many Spanish brands began producing surfing products without toxic or petroleum-based materials.Spain now offers a wide range of these kinds of products and you can practise eco-friendly surfing at beaches like El Quemao (Canary Islands), El Palmar (Andalusia) and Mundaka (the Basque Country). Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

Couple surfing

1. You can buy or hire eco-friendly surfing wetsuits made from natural rubber or recycled polyester in Spain.2. Surfboards should be made from biodegradable materials, such as wood or cork. Many Spanish brands sell these kinds of boards.3. For waxing your board, you should use non-toxic waxes.4. You could use a grip system made from seaweed, which you can find in some shops in Spain.


You can also find paraben-free sunscreens and clothes made with organic fabrics for nautical tourism. And you could even join the global “Take 3 for the sea” movement and take three pieces of rubbish away when surfing off Spanish beaches.You can also find the next European Wooden Surfboard Meet online - in recent years this has been held at Berria Beach in Cantabria. So be sure to enjoy 100% eco-friendly surfing in Spain and, once you get home, you will remember this sustainable holiday experience for the rest of your life.

Surfer waiting for a wave in Galicia
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