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The ballroom at the Liria Palace.

Empress Eugénie. Casa de Alba


The impressive Liria Palace is the venue for this exhibition that pays tribute to the memory of María Eugenia de Guzmán, Empress of France on the centenary of her death through her legacy and the art of the Second Empire period in France in the Casa de Alba.

Thematic visits to the exhibition are organised in small groups accompanied by a physical guide, and are available in Spanish, English, and French. This is a unique opportunity to discover the fascinating story of this young Spanish aristocrat who became Empress of France after her marriage to Napoleon III.Throughout her life, she cultivated friendships with intellectuals such as Valera, Prospero Merimèe, Stendhal and Louis Pasteur. She played a leading role in the Paris Universal Expositions, and in the inauguration of the Suez Canal. She became a fashion trend-setter worldwide, as well as founding various asylums, orphanages, and hospitals.She also got some of the best artists of the time to paint her portrait on several occasions, and she enjoyed decorating the imperial palaces. Over the course of your visit you’ll see family portraits, vases, tapestries, china, sculptures, letters, furniture and many other objects related to her.More information: 

Empress Eugénie. Casa de Alba

Madrid  (Madrid Region)