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Werkstatt / Workshop, 2017, C-Print / Diasec, 180 x 310 cm.

Thomas Demand: Mundo de Papel (world of paper)

Exhibition - Modern art,Photography

The Centro Botín in Santander introduces the visitor to the provocative and illusory world that Demand creates in his photographs of apparent realities, which are actually artificial scenes meticulously presented in model form.

The installation incorporates never-before seen photographs and others selected with the participation of Thomas Demand himself. In the exhibition, Demand recontextualizes his work and reflects the scenes that appear in the photographs, showing what is reality and what is representation. His most striking works are those based on images taken from the media, often representing events loaded with political significance or topical relevance. To further insist on this illusory condition, once the artist has photographed his paper and cardboard models, he destroys them.

Thomas Demand: Mundo de Papel (world of paper)

Centro Botín

Muelle de Albareda, s/n. Jardines de Pereda

39004  Santander, Cantabria  (Cantabria)

Tel.:+34 942047147 Website:


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